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TPPA Bulletin #93 – February 2017

Check out the latest edition of the It's Our Future TPPA Bulletin. This issue provides an in-depth update on what's been happening since the United States withdrew from the TPPA.  It also introduces a petition produced with our friends at Action Station to urge the...

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The TPPA is dead in the water

The TPPA is all but dead after the US election. With anti-TPPA candidate Donald Trump as President-elect, the only chance the agreement had was a vote in the "lame duck" congressional session between the election and the inauguration of the new President on 20 January...

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Inside the Global Club of ISDS

Imagine a private, global super court that empowers corporations to bend countries to their will. Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) is being used by corporations to evade the law and override the decisions of democratic governments. The cases cited in this...

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Germany says TTIP deal has failed

Radio New Zealand's Patrick O'Meara has published an interview with Professor Jane Kelsey on the increasing uncertainty surrounding the future of the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement. Germany's economic affairs minister, Sigmar Gabriel, has commented that the...

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Australia should reject the TPP

Dr. Patricia Ranald, Director of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network (AFTINET) argues that the TPP is about giving new rights to global multinationals and removing the rights of governments to regulate in the public interest. Ranald describes why the TPP...

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TPP won’t improve US Security

The case for the TPP being made in the US now rests on the national security argument - if the US doesn't get TPP, China will lead on setting trade rules, and this will be a security threat to the US. The argument doesn't stack up according to influential Washington...

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