Tiki Releases Pertinent Kiwi Anthem ‘No Place Like Home’

Press Release – Delete In the wake of the monumental anti-TPPA protest yesterday and the advent of Waitangi Day, award-winning, multi-platinum artist and producer Tiki Taane returns with a poignant new song that celebrates hometown New Zealand. Penned in appreciation of …

Loading Docs 2016: Change

Press Release – Loading Docs Loading Docs, the online documentary initiative, is back for a third year to launch another ten cutting-edge, 3-minute shorts that tell true stories of transformation, growth, adversity and hope. The theme for this years selection is change.

The TPP: Why rush in where angels fear to tread?

Press Release – Public Health Association The Public Health Association of New Zealand (PHA) is questioning the rush to sign the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement and says there remain too many unanswered questions; too much public unease; and a palpable lack of detailed analysis for us …

Scoop Audio: Jane Kelsey On The TPP Text

Article – Lyndon Hood Professor Jane Kelsey held a TPP briefing for media in the Green Party’s Parliamentary offices today. She covered the current timeline and obstacles for US and NZ adoption of the agreement, the status of NZ challenges relating to negotiations, specific …


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