Why is the US TPPA ‘Implementation Team’ Meddling in NZ?

Press Release – Professor Jane Kelsey The US Trade Representative Michael Froman has revealed his office is sending teams of officials to the other the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) countries, including New Zealand, to vet their implementation of the intellectual property chapter …

Gordon Campbell on (missing) US links to the Panama Papers

Column – Gordon Campbell Belatedly, US complicity in the global tax avoidance systems is now trickling out into daylight. To some, one of the suspicious aspects of the scandal to date has been how few firms and individuals from the US have featured in the document dump …

InternetNZ presents TPP views to Select Committee

Press Release – InternetNZ InternetNZ Chief Executive Jordan Carter and Issues Advisor James Ting-Edwards appeared today before Parliaments Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee as it conducts its examination of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement.

The Nation: Simon Shepherd interviews Simon Winchester

Press Release – The Nation In a run of remarkable journalistic good fortune, hes covered Irelands troubles, Watergate, the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and was even captured by the Argentine army at the start of the Falklands War.


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