Patrick Gower interviews Economic Development Minister Steven Joyce

Steven Joyce dismisses fears of a recession in the next two years, “unless we talk ourselves into it” but admits “the job isn’t done in the economy”. Will present a new foreign investment strategy to Cabinet on Monday that involves partnering with Australia to create “a pipeline of private sector investment opportunities to international investors” … Continued

Fonterra, treating workers like cattle

Article – Don Franks After several days of rumors, Fonterra today confirmed a series of massive job cuts.

Time to wave the white flag on TISA secrecy

Press Release – Professor Jane Kelsey Less than a month ago, Wikileaks posted 17 documents leaked from the secretive negotiations for a Trade in Services Agreement (TISA). New Zealand is part of the group of countries calling themselves the Really Good Friends of Services who are trying to negotiate …

PM’s Presser: Saudi Sheep Scandal still Labour’s Fault.

Article – Francis Cook The Prime Minister today conceded he had gotten the numbers wrong about refugee intake on a radio interview this morning. Mr Key said there would be talks about raising the number but insisted that the cost runs up to $58m annually to settle refugees …