Waikato People’s Climate March

Press Release – Waikato Climate Action Hundreds of people gathered in Garden Place Hamilton to call upon the NZ and World’s Governments to agree on an enforceable and effective United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change at the December Paris COP21 Conference whose opening is Monday …

Lisa Owen talks to US Ambassador Mark Gilbert

Press Release – The Nation US ambassador says he would like the United States to send a ship to naval celebrations in New Zealand next year, but we will always stay with our neither confirm nor deny [nuclear] policy. Denies that sending a vessel under NZs …

The Nation 28/11/15: Key, Police, US Ambassador to NZ

Press Release – TV3’s ‘The Nation’ Prime Minister John Key on the highs and lows of 2015. Lisa Owen asks him about Australian detainees, poverty, polls and u-turns. And are we at war with Islamic State?

High Court can’t make Groser provide TPPA information faster

Press Release – Professor Jane Kelsey High Court says it cant make Groser provide TPPA information faster for now This week we went back to court to challenge Trade Minister Grosers stalling tactics over the release of information on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement …


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