Government accused of sabotaging a second SOE

Press Release – Postal Workers Union of Aotearoa The Government is being accused of sabotaging another state owned enterprise following the collapse of Solid Energy.

Q+A: Steven Joyce – Recession in next two quarters unlikely

Press Release – TVNZ CORIN You will have heard some of those stories. Some pretty grim stuff talk of suicide, drastic impact. What can you offer to those people in those situations on those farms who are doing it really tough?

Over 25,000 tell government #TPPAWalkAway!

Press Release – It’s Our Future Over 25,000 people have braved the elements all over the country, sending an unmistakeable message to the government to walk away from the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), according to Its Our Future spokesperson Edward Miller.

Colville people join nation-wide protests against the TPPA

Press Release – Stephanie McKee Two dozen Colville residents joined in the nation-wide day of protest against the TPPA.


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