Gordon Campbell on tobacco politics, and the TPP death watch

Column – Gordon Campbell Has Act leader David Seymour got the easiest job in the world, or what? Roll out of bed, turn on the radio and hmmthere do seem to be a lot of problems out there in the world. Must think of something. And so it came to pass that this morning , … Continued

Nikkei Conference: NZ’s Response to the Trade Challenge

Speech – New Zealand Government Nikkei Conference: New Zealands Response to the Trade Challenge Mr Chairman, thank you for your introduction and for the opportunity to be here today as the Government representative for New Zealand. Like everyone in this room, New Zealand has a stake …

Free Press

Press Release – ACT New Zealand Does Government Waste Taxpayers Money? In the lead-up to the Budget, David Seymour asked Bill English why his government gives taxpayer money to fund Jane Kelseys research, programs such as X-Factor season two, and the Ultimate Waterman Stand Up …

Peters: Farmers Must Reject Being National’s Doormat

Speech – New Zealand First Party Twenty-eight years ago, the late David Lange said: “Farming is a sunset industry and manufacturing and tourism will take its place.”


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