Out Now: Werewolf 59 – The TPP, Obsolete At Birth

Article – Werewolf Hi and welcome to the 59th edition of Werewolf, in which we revisit the TPP debate, and critically examine the claims that the Trans Pacific Partnership really is the spiffing, up-to-date document that our government and its business cronies claim …

Martin Doyle Cartoon: TPPA The Public Private Anxiety

Opinion – Martin Doyle The TPPA might turn out to be good for us, or it might turn out to be bad for us. But it’s clear from surveys that most people don’t have a bleeding clue what it’s all about.

The selling of New Zealand by our prime minister

Article – Charles Drace The selling of New Zealand by our prime minister By Charles Drace 19 September 2014

Martin Doyle cartoon: TPP agreement

Opinion – Martin Doyle The previous image of some of kind of plot being quietly and efficiently hatched over the TPP has fallen away dramatically.


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