Budget 2016 – Scoop Full Coverage

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Gordon Campbell on how class colours Panama Papers reactions

Column – Gordon Campbell Not many heroes so far in the Panama Papers saga, but any number of villains. Those villains happen to include: criminals laundering their ill gotten gains, terrorists funding their nefarious activities, and shadowy figures guilty of varying levels …

Why is the US TPPA ‘Implementation Team’ Meddling in NZ?

Press Release – Professor Jane Kelsey The US Trade Representative Michael Froman has revealed his office is sending teams of officials to the other the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) countries, including New Zealand, to vet their implementation of the intellectual property chapter …

Govt Continues to Treat NZ Public with Contempt Over TPP

Press Release – New Zealand First Party The Government wants to railroad the TPP trade deal process and is treating the New Zealand public with contempt, says New Zealand First.


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