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The final text of the TPPA was released on 5 November 2015. The US President can’t sign it until 5 February 2016, so that’s the likely target date for all 12 parties to sign. There is considerable opposition building to the TPPA and it is possible that signing may be delayed until after the US Presidential election, or even that it would be re-negotiated. Initial analysis of the text shows the NZ government has misled the public through spin, inflated claims and self-serving omissions. The economic benefits have been exaggerated, the economic and social costs understated and future risks ignored. Read a three page analysis document...

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Aotearoa NZ Peoples’ TPPA Demands

TPPA It Ain’t Over Rallies 14 Nov 2015 – What we want! The Government has no democratic mandate to sign away our democratic powers in the TPPA. Before it takes any steps towards signing the agreement, the Government shall: 1. undertake independent human rights, health, environmental and climate change impact assessments of the potential effects of the TPPA on the people and land of New Zealand, and make this information publicly available. 2. support Local Government New Zealand to undertake an independent assessment of the impacts on local government of the TPPA, and consult fully with local government. 3. fully engage with its Treaty of Waitangi partners to hear and address their concerns about the TPPA and refer the text and any proposed legislation to the Waitangi Tribunal to conduct a full risk assessment of impacts on tangata whenua; iwi and hapū. 4. withdraw its consent to the secrecy pact among the twelve TPPA countries and release all background documentation relating to the negotiations. 5. initiate a full public and parliamentary debate on the TPPA, including Select Committee hearings with public consultation, and put the TPPA to a public referendum, before formal signing.   We will continue to mobilise New Zealand citizens in opposition to the TPPA until our demands have been met. These demands, plus some basic info on TPPA, are available as an A4 pdf here and...

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TPPA Action Week Media Coverage

31 July, Manawatu Standard TPPA protest planned in Palmerston North August issue, Otaki Mail TPPA Protest Attracts Big Support 5 August, Manawatu Standard Palmerston rallies against TPPA 6 August, Wanganui Chronicle March starts anti-TPPA protest rally 7 August, Northern Advocate Anti-TPP protests planned 8 August, Nelson Mail TPP creates ‘private system of justice’ for investors 9 August, Manawatu Standard Palmerston North rallies against Trans-Pacific Partnership 10 August, Wanganui Chronicle Protesters battle hail and TPPA talks 12 August, Maori Television TPPA Walk Away rally to be held outside Parliament 12 August, Radio New Zealand TPP protesters descend on Parliament 12 August, 3 News Anti-TPPA protesters descend on Parliament 12 August, Newstalk ZB Anti-TPPA demonstrations descends on Parliament 12 August, Gisborne Herald ‘TPPA NO WAY’ 12 August, Timaru Herald Timaru TPP Campaigners hope for rally turnout 12 August, NZ Herald Anti-TPP protest at Parliament 12 August, Xinhua Global Post Protesters hold day of action against Kiwi involvement in TPP trade deal 13 August, Waikato Times Hundreds signed on for TPPA protest march in Hamilton 14 August, Wairarapa Times-Age Featherston march to protest TPPA 14 August, Radio New Zealand Bilingual h?koi in ?taki to rally against TPP 14 August, Stuff TPP protest could turn ‘confrontational’ US citizens told 14 August, Radio New Zealand US warns citizens not to attend Akl TPP rally 14 August, Newstalk ZB Americans urged to avoid protest march...

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