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The Climate Talks in Paris will Fail: Why

Article – Robert J. Burrowes As expectations build for a global consensus to emerge from the United Nations climate conference in Paris, starting on 30 November 2015, that could agree to taking action to limit any rise in...

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Elites Want More Refugees: Why?

Article – Robert J. Burrowes There is much being written about the refugee crisis in Europe at the moment but none of what I have read explains why the problem is occurring and what will need to be done for the problem to...

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The Global Elite is Insane

Article – Robert J. Burrowes In a recent report titled ‘Working for the Few: Political capture and economic inequality’ Oxfam informs us that ‘Almost half of the world’s wealth is now owned by just...

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The Rule of Law: Unjust and Violent

Article – Robert J. Burrowes The common phrase is ‘law and order’ but does the legal system deal with dysfunctional social behavior in ways that keep us safe? While diverse but eminent historical figures such...

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