Take Action: Stop the TPPA

Our friends at ActionStation are hosting a petition opposing the ratification of the TPPA. Add your name to the petition here.


Sign the Petition to the Governor-General

Following the handover of initial signatures on a petition to the Governor-General, calling for his intervention to reject the TPPA, the petition has been re-launched. Please download the petition here and build pressure for him to act.


Declare your space a TPPA Free Zone

Make signs, print signs and erect signs that declare your spaces to be TPPA Free. You can declare your home, neighbourhood, community centre, school, workplace, local Council to be a TPPA Free Zone. These signs can go on your house, letter box, car, public space, or wherever. Let everyone you know to declare their spaces as TPPA Free Zones as well. Download printable assets here.

TPPA Free Zone stickers (13cm X 10cm) are available at $35 per 100. Tony Hartnett (thartnett@ihug.co.nz) has offered to collect up orders to send to the printer. Let him know if you want some. Hopefully we will soon also have some T-shirts to sell as well. 


Tell everyone that you joined the movement against the TPPA!

Invite all your friends to sign up to It’s Our Future website and receive our Bulletins. Check out our Facebook page or sign up to the TPPA Action group page.


Please fund the campaign against the TPPA