We are a citizens campaign that formed in opposition to the TPPA. We now resist other pro-corporate treaties that threaten to take its place.


On 10 August 2017, It’s Our Future launched a new campaign calling on the New Zealand political parties to commit to 10 bottom lines for New Zealand’s future trade and investment policy.   

These bottom lines were developed to reflect New Zealanders’ concerns about the TPPA, and to ensure that the toxic elements of that agreement are not replicated in other forms.

The political parties’ responses were published on 22 August 2017 and are available here. The Greens, Maori Party and New Zealand First signed on to all 10 bottom lines.  The positions of Labour and the The Opportunities Party are equivocal.  

TPPA-1 (The Zombie TPPA)

NZ-China FTA

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