We are the citizens campaign against the TPPA and other pro-corporate treaties.

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Not yet ratified by Parliament. The TPPA will result in higher costs for medicines, longer copyright protection and threats to the environment, climate change, labour rights and te tiriti from allowing foreign corporations to sue governments.


The Chinese-led Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is still in negotiation. The draft text is secret, but leaks show similar dangers to TPPA, including proposed Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) allowing corporations to sue governments.


The Trade in Services Agreement negotiations involve 50 countries, negotiating under extreme secrecy. Restrictions on governments’ right to regulate could threaten financial stability, action on climate change and public health.


The NZ-EU Free Trade Agreement is a new proposal. The EU is proposing more transparency and improvements to Investor-State Dispute Settlement, but the core of the agreement still favours foreign investors over domestic companies.

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TPP laws risk creative handbrakes

Press Release – InternetNZ InternetNZ has released its submission to Parliament on the TPP Amendment Bill. The submission sets out ways to update the draft legislation to deliver the most fair possible copyright laws for all New Zealanders.TPP laws risk creative...

Grant Robertson interviewed by Corin Dann

Grant Robertson interviewed by Corin Dann. The priority has to be building wealth in New Zealand from the ground up. I mean, the lesson coming out of Brexit that I think we’ve all got to take is that there are a lot of people who do not feel that they’ve benefitted from globalisation.

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