We are the citizens campaign against the TPPA and other pro-corporate treaties.


The TPPA has been signed but has not been ratified by NZ or the United States.  If ratified the TPPA will allow overseas corporations to directly sue governments where laws and policies designed to protect the environment, labour rights, Te Tiriti ō Waitangi or the public good affect corporate profits.  The TPPA will also result in higher costs for medicines and longer copyright protection.


The Chinese-led Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership is still in negotiation. The draft text is secret, but leaks show similar dangers to TPPA, including proposed Investor-State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) allowing overseas investors to directly sue governments where changes to laws or policies affect corporate profits.


The Trade in Services Agreement negotiations involve 50 countries and is being negotiated under extreme secrecy. The agreement could result in restrictions on governments’ right to regulate could threaten financial stability, action on climate change and public health.


The NZ-EU Free Trade Agreement is a new proposal.  Although it looks as though some of the worst parts of the TPPA are off the table already, the agreement would still favour foreign investors over domestic companies.

Latest News

The TPPA is dead in the water

The TPPA is all but dead after the US election. With anti-TPPA candidate Donald Trump as President-elect, the only chance the agreement had was a vote in the "lame duck" congressional session between the election and the inauguration of the new President on 20 January...

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