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New Zealand faces threats from predatory trade treaties. There are things that you can do now.

On 14-15 March 2017 the New Zealand Trade Minister Todd McClay is meeting with the remaining TPPA countries in an attempt to revive the agreement.

It’s Our Future and our friends at Action Station have prepared petition telling Minister McClay that we don’t want any sort of zombie TPPA.  Please add your name here and share widely.  

Declare your space a TPPA Free Zone

Make signs, print signs and erect signs that declare your spaces to be TPPA Free. You can declare your home, neighbourhood, community centre, school, workplace, local Council to be a TPPA Free Zone. These signs can go on your house, letter box, car, public space, or wherever. Let everyone you know to declare their spaces as TPPA Free Zones as well.

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