Adopt an MP

Adopt an MP

We want to use “people power” to educate our MPs on the subject of the TPPA. This is your change to adopt a local MP, get them on board and/or make them accountable to their constituents.

We’ve made it as straight forward as we possibly can. Take up the torch, fill out the form opposite and let us know who you’ll be adopting, and book an appointment with your local MP. Signing up will generate a pack that includes a guide of what we would like you to do and a list of questions you might ask, the relevant background papers, and the party policies, as far as we have them. We suggest you take notes during your meeting as we want all who participate to report back on what they find. After a follow up meeting we will compile a report on the position of the MPs and parties.

The campaign runs from Saturday 11 May (the International Day of Action on the TPPA) for a month. Thank you!

Just fill out the form opposite and let us know who you’ll be tackling, and we’ll mark each MP with a star to indicate the number of people who’ve adopted them.

Adopt an MP Instruction Sheet

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