Clowns call TPPA Roadshow a Joke

Press Release – Unfooled

Hilarity kicked of at the Government’s TPPA Roadshow today at the Rendezvous Hotel in Auckland.Clowns call TPPA Roadshow a Joke

Hilarity kicked of at the Government’s TPPA Roadshow today at the Rendezvous Hotel in Auckland.

Laughter broke out during the presentation as a group of protesters, calling themselves ‘Unfooled’, responded to the official TPPA pitch with clown’s enthusiasm. Merriment during the information session escalated until, dressed in red noses, wigs and jesters hats, the group bounced out with security, declaring “This is a JOKE!”.

“This government’s public engagement on the TPPA has been a circus parade. Even John Oliver has recognised that John Key is a gigantic clown and we came here today to show the government we’re not fooled” said spokesfool Braithwaite Musgrave Broccoli.

“This roadshow is nothing but a huge joke, part of the government’s tricks and illusions about the TPPA. We had to laugh today because it’s ridiculous that such a serious deal is in the hands of those clowns” said Broccoli.

Shortly after the roadshow began, members of Unfooled began to laugh at was being presented. Balloons and bubbles were blown to celebrate claims of the TPPA’s benefits. Putting on costumes, the group briefly clowned about the information session, leaving before question session. Unfooled formed recently, concerned that the state of the world “is just getting really silly”.

“Our government has had an extensive and expensive public consultation on changing the flaggy wag, but today only gave us PR spin and somersaults about the TPPA. Kiwis’ concerns need to be taken seriously on this hugely important issue and this circus tour is far too little, and much too late.”


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