Fabian Society: 2015 Prospect and 2014 Wrap-up

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February 2015 will start with presentations from Sir Ted Thomas on The enduring Legacy of Neo-Liberalism in Wellington on Febrary 11 and in Auckland from Louise Humpage on Policy Change, social attitudes and citizenship . Professor Guy …Fabian Society: 2015 Prospect and 2014 Wrap-up

Looking forward to 2015

February 2015 will start with presentations from Sir Ted Thomas on “The enduring Legacy of Neo-Liberalism” in Wellington on Febrary 11 and in Auckland from Louise Humpage on “Policy Change, social attitudes and citizenship” . Professor Guy Standing will discuss his book “The Precariat Charter” in Wellington on 19 February and the following week in Auckland. Invitations will be sent out shortly.

We will also start regular presentations in Christchurch, beginning with Dr Geoff Bertram on “Piketty’s Capital – implications for New Zealand.” on 27 February.

We are planning for a “Next Progressive Democracy” event in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch in April/May.

2014 Wrap-Up

Thanks to presenters

Our sincere thanks for their fantastic presentations in 2014 go to Rev. Charles Waldegrave. Bishop Justin Duckworth, Lisa Beech, Teresa Homan, Monsignor Gerard Burns, Terence O’Brien, Prof Jane Kelsey, Brian Easton, Dr Geoff Bertram, Bill McKay, David Grant. Denys Trussell and Christine Rose, Prof David Mayes, Dr Robert Howell, Max Rashbrooke, Dr Richard Norman, Dr Sue Bradford, Alan Johnson, Nicky Hager, Dr Sandra Grey, Colin James, Richard Harman, Keith Ng, Stephanie Rodgers, Russell Brown, Umesh Perinpenayagam, Dr Wayne Mapp, Dr Brian Easton, Peter Neilson, Bill Rosenberg, Eileen Brown, Jan Rivers, Peter Glensor, Prof John Morgan and Ass Prof Peter O’Connor.

Downloads of most seminars detailed below including in some cases audio podcasts are available on our websitewww.fabians.org.nz.

Thanks to donors

Thanks very much to all who have donated to make the seminars and presentations possible. If you would like to support our work, you are welcome to join the Society. Details are here.

All our presenters give their time free and our costs are all for venues, production, accommodation and travel. If you would like to make a contribution to our work our bank account for internet banking is 38-9010-0380941-00, or send a cheque to PO Box 6351, Marion Square, Wellington 6141.

2014 Presentations

TPP – the Wider Context Terence O’Brien Wellington February 28

Christians for Social Justice – The Living Wage Rev Charles Waldegrave and Bishop Justin Duckworth WellingtonMarch 5

Option for the poor- advocacy for beneficiaries Wellington March 24

Pope Francis and the Catholic Social Justice Tradition Mgr Gerard Burns Wellington April 11

Single Buyer Model for Electricity – Structural Issues Dr Geoff Bertram Wellington February 11 & AucklandFebruary 25

Mighty Totara Book Launch – The Life and Times of Norman Kirk David Grant Auckland March 27

Beyond the State – New Zealand State Houses from modest to modern Bill McKay Auckland April 22

The Land – Our life – Revisited Denys Trussell and Christine Rose Auckland May 6

Ethics in Finance and the Regulation of the Financial Sector Prof David Mayes Auckland May 22

An economy for a resilient world – the foundations Dr Robert Howell Auckland June 5

An economy for a resilient world – implications for policy Dr Robert Howell Auckland June 19

Inequality in New Zealand – why don’t we talk more about wealth? Max Rashbrooke Wellington July 1 & AucklandJuly 22

Inequality and Economic Theory – Piketty for Dummies Dr Geoff Bertram Wellington July 11 & Auckland September 1

Capitalising on Wellington Dr Richard Norman Wellington August 11

A left-wing think tank for New Zealand? Dr Sue Bradford Auckland August 12

What might social housing become? Alan Johnson Auckland August 26

Nicky Hager talks about Democracy Nicky Hager Wellington September 9

Time to reclaim real democracy Dr Sandra Grey Wellington September 22

Narratives from the 2014 election – what did we learn? Colin James Richard Harman Keith Ng Stephanie Rodgers Wellington October 13

Narratives from the 2014 election – what did we learn? Russell Brown Dr Sue Bradford Auckland October 16

Piketty’s Capital – Implications for New Zealand Dr Geoff Bertram Wellington Oct 24

Privatising our futures – Kiwisaver and Universal superannuation Umesh Perinpenayagam Auckland October 28

Fabian Debate – Fiscal Sustainablity and Economic Diversification Wayne Mapp Brian Easton WellingtonNovember 10

Addressing Wealth Inequality – an Opportunity to connect with middle New Zealand Peter Neilson AucklandNovember 11

The Productivity Commission Inquiry into Social Services Bill Rosenberg Eileen Brown Peter Glensor WellingtonNovember 24

What’s Left for Education Professor John Morgan Associate Professor Peter O’Connor Auckland November 27

Publications – eBooks available on website

Flawed Theory – Failed Practice – Light handed Regulation in New Zealand

Rethinking the State Sector Act


Fabian Societies are active in the UK www.fabians.org.uk, where there is an election due in four months; and in Australiawww.fabians.org.au. The New South Wales Fabians produce a weekly newsletter that is packed with interesting articlespaper.li/NSWFabians/1415501907

that you may wish to subscribe to. We have been contacted by the Sicilian Fabian Society who are looking to set up an international Fabian network.

Thanks to all who have attended

To all who have attended our events and supported us in so many ways, our very best wishes for the New Year.

Warm regards

Mike Smith for Fabian Committee


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