Foreign Control Watchdog 137 – December 2014

Press Release – Campaign Against Foreign Control Of Aotearoa

TPPA Local Government Campaign: Well-Beings, War-Makers And Pirates Te Waka a Mui Rides The Storm by Greg RzesniowieckiForeign Control Watchdog 137 – December 2014

What’s That Terrible Smell? The 2014 Election by Murray Horton

2014 Roger Award Finalists Named by Murray Horton

On The Road: CAFCA/ABC Speaking Tour March-July 2014 by Murray Horton

Subverting Democracy: The Dirty Politics Of Media Machinations by Dennis Small

News Before Profits by Bill Rosenberg

Is It Time To Build A Major Leftwing Thinktank…And More? by Sue Bradford

TPPA Local Government Campaign: Well-Beings, War-Makers And Pirates – Te Waka a Mäui Rides The Storm by Greg Rzesniowiecki

Motorway Tolls: Aucklanders Caught Between Tarseal-Addicted Government & Weak Mayor by John Minto

Kiwisaver: A Trojan Horse For Pension Privatisation In New Zealand? by Umesh Perinpanayagam

2014 CAFCA Annual General Meeting Minutes

New Treasurer For Organiser Account: James Ayers Replaces Warren Brewer by Murray Horton

CAFCA/ABC Organiser Account: Financial Report For Year Ended 31 March 2014 by James Ayers, Organiser Account Treasurer

Reviews by Jeremy Agar and Murray Horton

Dirty Politics by Nicky Hager

Hot Air a film by Alister Barry and Abi King-Jones

Beyond The Free Market: Rebuilding A Just Society In New Zealand edited by David Cooke, Claire Hill, Pat Baskett & Ruth Irwin

Capital In The 21st Century by Thomas Piketty

Don’t Spoil My Beautiful Face: Media, Mayhem & Human Rights In The South Pacific by David Robie

Obituaries by Murray Horton, Mo Skiffington, Kate Elsen and Paul Corliss

Nancy Hammond

Will Foote

John Case

Garth Spooner

Millions At Stake As Equal Pay Case Heads To Supreme Court by Alastair Duncan


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