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Hidden Agendas
What We Need to Know about the TPPA.
Jane Kelsey

Forget the label “free trade agreement”. The TPPA, under negotiation between New Zealand, the USA and ten other countries, is a direct assault on our right to decide our own future.

In this hard-hitting BWB Text, Professor Jane Kelsey picks apart the current negotiations surrounding the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) and comes to some disturbing conclusions.

Such a treaty, she says, has little credible economic rationale but could have potentially dangerous effects on our ability to decide for ourselves how we address the economic, environmental, social and Treaty challenges of the twenty-first century. At a time of constitutional review, the secrecy surrounding the TPPA negotiations raises hard questions about the future shape of New Zealand.

Chapters include:

1. The Elephant in the Room: The Geopolitics of the TPPA

2. A Threat to New Zealand’s Autonomy: Behind the Border Disciplines

3. Amidst Obsessive Secrecy: Contemporary Examples

4. No Convincing Economic Rationale: The Economics of the TPPA

5. A Contemptuous Process: Constitutional Concerns

About the author

Jane Kelsey is one of New Zealand’s most acute social commentators. Professor of Law at the University of Auckland, she is actively committed to social justice in her teaching, her work on te Titiri o Waitangi, and her international research and advocacy on the crisis in globalisation. For several decades her work has centred on the interface between globalisation and domestic neoliberalism, with particular reference to free trade and investment agreements. Since 2008 Jane Kelsey has played a central role in the international and national campaign to raise awareness of, and opposition to, the TPPA.

Publishing Saturday 11 May 2013
RRP$4.99 • ISBN 9781927131909 (EPUB),
9781927131916 (KINDLE)
Available direct from www.bwb.co.nz and from major retailers including Amazon, Kobo and eBooks.com

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