No to TPP Trade-Offs

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No to TPP Trade-Offs, Say Public Health, Fair Trade Activists at Sydney TPP Ministers MeetingNo to TPP Trade-Offs, Say Public Health, Fair Trade Activists at Sydney TPP Ministers’ Meeting


When: 11 AM Saturday, October 25

Where: Sheraton Hotel, 161 Elizabeth St, near St James Station

Speakers include: Dr Patricia Ranald, Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network, John Edwards, (MSF) Doctors without Borders, Professor Kimberlee Weatherall, Sydney University, Senator Peter Whish Wilson.
“As Trans-Pacific trade Ministers meet in Sydney today, we know from leaked draft text that they are under massive pressure to accept US proposals which would mean higher prices for medicines and less rights for internet consumers. The US also wants special rights for investors to sue governments for damages if a change in law or policy harms their investment, which would undermine future laws to protect health and the environment. We want our government to say no to this agenda. These issues should be decided through democratic parliamentary process, not through secret trade negotiations. The TPP undermines our democracy and sovereignty.” Dr Patricia Ranald, Coordinator of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network said today.

Jon Edwards, Advocacy Manger MSF Australia said: “If the TPP l includes provisions which give even more rights to pharmaceutical companies to delay the availability of cheaper generic medicines then millions of patients in Australia and the Asia Pacific will suffer.“

Professor Kimberlee Weatherall said: “The leaked TPP copyright proposals would give increased rights to corporate copyright holders at the expense of internet users and other consumers, and could prevent future copyright law reform.”

Senator Peter Whish-Wilson said: “Australians have every right to be concerned about the way this deal is being done behind closed doors. The leaked documents indicate that the government is on course to hand over protections for human rights, public health, the environment and internet freedom. The Greens will continue to strive to bring this deal out into the open.”


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