Democracy denied again on TPPA

Press Release – It’s Our Future The Select Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade yesterday decided to deny an extension for submissions into their inquiry into the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).

The Neo-Kalashnikovs – Urban Warfare

Press Release – The Neo-Kalashnikovs The Neo-Kalashnikovs an Auckland sibling rock band aren’t afraid to let people know what they think of the TPPA agreement. They have released their new music video “Urban Warfare” featuring protest footage from the march and blockade in Auckland that …

Protesters project giant message onto SkyCity

Press Release – ActionStation Community organisations representing more than five and a half million people around the world have united to take joint action and express global opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership, as Trade Ministers sign the deal at SkyCity in Auckland.

Kiwis reject the TPPA

Press Release – It’s Our Future Around 15,000 Kiwis marched down Queen Street today to protest against the signing of the TPPA. The march was loud, diverse, family-friendly, peaceful and passionate in its opposition to the TPPA.

Greenpeace Response to TPP Protests

Press Release – Greenpeace Greenpeace Response to TPP Protests Responding to todays protests in Auckland ahead of the signing of the controversial TPP deal, Greenpeace executive director Russel Norman said: Peaceful protest is the beating heart of any democracy. And …

Protesters Plan to Blockade TPPA Signing Ceremony

Press Release – Real Choice Today, hundreds of New Zealanders are joining pro-democracy group Real Choice in a planned demonstration at SkyCity in Auckland, to shut down the signing ceremony of the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) and create a TPPA Free Zone around …

March against the TPPA

Press Release – It’s Our Future On Thursday 4th February, thousands of Kiwis will take action across New Zealand to register their protest against the government signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).