TPP Roadshow – TPP Free Wellington will attend

Press Release – TPP Free Wellington

TPP Free will point to the elephant in the room. TPP Free Wellington will be attending the Roadshow and asking the hard questions!TPP Roadshow – TPP Free Wellington will attend

“TPP Free will point to the elephant in the room.” TPP Free Wellington will be attending the Roadshow and asking the hard questions!

“What ability will the government have once the TPP is in force to increase the charges for the taking of our fresh water resource by private water bottling enterprises?”

The elephant in the room is the Transnational Corporations (TNC) driving the TPP treaty outcome. TNCs owe no allegiance to any nation state. They are driving 12 governments into a Pacific Common Market which protects the corporations’ investments at the expense of everyone else’s interests. The Europeans were asked first before joining their common market. Each new member joining holding a referendum.

Why would New Zealand small business support this agreement? Where’s the benefit for them?

‘The TPP provides multinational competitors of New Zealand’s small businesses with new advantages such as access to an international tribunal to challenge government laws, access to procurement contracts of the New Zealand government and Councils, enhanced copyright and patents provisions, and they have continued access to other advantages like international tax havens.’ Wellington Electricity is proof of that bonanza.

MFAT in their own paper in 2010 to the TPP parties, warned about “overprotection” of Intellectual Property inhibits innovation rather than promoting it.

A Further question to MFAT;

“Why agree to IP and copyright extensions in TPP that will inhibit innovation in New Zealand, especially in high tech sectors?”

There’s a democratic deficit – ‘major constitutional change’ and New Zealanders are not asked for our consent. Vote on the NZ flag rebranding exercise, but no serious effort to engage the public about TPP.

TPP Free Wellington request that before joining the TPP, that the people’s consent is obtained in a binding referendum.

We invite the media to attend the Roadshow to disclose to the NZ public we are being pushed into a common market with comprehensive rules without being asked.

TPP Free Wellington are ordinary people concerned for a secure state that protects its people and environment.


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