TPPA Don’t Sign Tour

The Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) negotiations have concluded and governments are planning to sign the TPPA in Auckland on 4th February. But there is widespread public opposition across New Zealand society, and political uncertainty in the US, where it is looking increasingly unlikely that President Obama can get Congressional approval before he leaves office. International TPPA experts Lori Wallach, from Public Citizen and Professor Jane Kelsey from University of Auckland will talk about the latest research, politics, analysis and actions.


Auckland Town Hall, 7pm Tuesday 26th January – including a panel of leading politicians


Wellington St Andrews Church, The Terrace 7pm Wednesday 27th January


Christchurch Cardboard Cathedral, 7pm Thursday 28th January


Dunedin, Burns Hall, Morray Place at 7pm Friday 29th January

These are free events. Get there early – the venues will fill up quickly. Donations to cover costs would be appreciated.