TPPA Twitter Storm!

We are calling for a Twitter storm to NZ Prime Minister John Key to coincide with the start of the TPPA ministers meeting in Singapore on 19-20 May. This will take place on Saturday 17 May between 1 and 2pm, and we want as many people as possible to tweet their message to the Prime Minister John Key (@johnkeypm) or their local MP and let them know how they feel about the TPPA.

Include the hashtag #TPPANoWay and the @ItsOurFutureNZ account will retweet!


twitter storm

Below are some sample tweets you might like to use. We do urge you to be respectful in your comments, no personal abuse etc. The issues alone are controversial enough, stick to them.

@johnkeypm The #TPPA is too important to be negotiated in #secret#Information is the root of#democracy #TPPANoWay

@johnkeypm It’s not enough to tell us #TPPA is in our interest, you have to show us #releasethetext#TPPANoWay

@johnkeypm How come 600 US corporate advisors have seen the #TPPA text but we haven’t? #TPPANoWay

Hey @johnkeypm the #TPPA will harm workers rights, offshore jobs and hamstring wage growth. In whose interest? #TPPANoWay

@johnkeypm The #TPPA gives rights to foreign investors to challenge our laws. That’s not #democracy and #itsnotright #TPPANoWay

@johnkeypm Our environment and health are more important than investors’ rights to profit. #TPPANoWay

@johnkeypm The #TPPA will make medicines more expensive. Our health is more important than#BigPharma’s profits! #TPPANoWay

@johnkeypm #TPPA allows investors to undermine action on #climatechange. There are no winners on a burning planet #TPPANoWay

@johnkeypm #TPPA restricts internet freedom. We demand a free and open internet #TPPANoWay

@johnkeypm Honour our #Tiriti; not the corporations’ treaty #TPPANoWay

@johnkeypm #TPPA will fuel financial crises and put banks ahead of people #TPPANoWay

Outside NZ?

US Pacific time is 6-7pm 16/05/14

US Mountain time is 7-8pm 16/05/14

US Central time is 8-9pm 16/05/14

US Eastern time is 9-10pm 16/05/14

Eastern Australia is 11-12am 17/05/14

Central Australia and Tokyo is 10-11am 17/05/14

Western Australia in 9-10am 17/05/14

Malaysia and Vietnam is 8-9am 17/05/14