Werewolf Edition 43 Out Now! – Trans Pacific Turkey

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Hi and welcome to the 43rd edition of Werewolf, and an issue in which we once again – just like we did last summer – take an in-depth look at the Trans Pacific Partnership trade talks .

Werewolf Edition 43 Out Now! – Trans Pacific Turkey

From Werewolf Editor Gordon Campbell


Enter the ‘Wolf

Hi and welcome to the 43rd edition of Werewolf, and an issue in which we once again – just like we did last summer – take an in-depth look at the Trans Pacific Partnership trade talks. Because of the ridiculous veil of secrecy surrounding these negotiations, coverage tends to fall either into massive exaggeration about the gazillions of dollars that New Zealand might gain from the TPP tooth fairy, or the threat it poses to our sovereignty. Rather less has been about what is actually happening in the talks themselves – which is hard, but not impossible to find out. The answer ? As this month’s cover explains, the TPP is on the brink of stalling, as frantic teams of spinmeisters peddle like mad to create an illusion that the engine is running. In a separate story, we analyse how the TPP is (mis) handling the issue of tobacco regulation and the threat the TPP poses to any country wishing to protect the health of its citizens from the ravages of Big Tobacco.

Elsewhere in this issue, we interview business analyst Rod Oram about how the role of the economy in Election 2014, starting from the forecast decline in our currently rosy growth forecasts, which are due to speak in the March quarter 2014 , and decline thereafter. Rod has a thing or to say about the Christchurch re-build, too. With the war in Syria and Australia’s policy towards boat people raising awareness of the plight of refugees, Murdoch Stephens reports on some OIA- gathered information about New Zealand’s recent refugee/ asylum seeker policy, and what can be done to improve our dismal response to the global refugee crisis. In South Africa, the ANC seem to be acting like their predecessors in disturbing ways – and in this issue, we examine the murder of the Durban-based housing activist. In a previous Werewolf issue, Rosalea Barker had reported on the disastrous prison policies in California, and this month we revisit that issue via a coalition of timely information on the prison industry, whose impacts we are currently experiencing via the actions of SERCO, the private prison provider in Auckland.

In our music column the Complicatist we use the soundtrack of Breaking Bad as a spring-board to revisit some of the great moments and terrific music tracks that served as commentary/counterpoint on the narrative during the show’s monumental five season run. In his satirical column this month, Lyndon Hoode (the “e” is silent) explores a parallel universe and alternative set of lyrics for the song “Royals” by that 16 year old try- hard from Auckland.

Thanks once again to Lyndon Hood and Alastair Thompson for helping me post this online this month. And to everyone who’s shown an interest in reading Werewolf and keeping it going…thanks a bunch. If you want to be involved and talk over some story ideas, contact me gordon@scoop.co.nz and let’s talk story ideas.

Gordon Campbell
Editor, Werewolf.

The contents of this edition are:


TPP : The Parley in Bali

The TPP trade deal is in deep trouble…
by Gordon Campbell

TPP : No Ifs, No Butts

The TPP trade deal needs to take a stand against Big Tobacco
by Gordon Campbell

Doing Less, For Fewer

National’s policies on refugees are an exercise in cost-cutting and officialese
by Murdoch Stephens

The Politics of Low Expectations

The economy’s role in Election 2014 – an interview with business analyst Rod Oram
by Gordon Campbell

Killing The Dream

The murder of South African housing activist Nkululeko Gwala
by Abahlali baseMjondolo

Profiting Off Prisoners

Dealing with the problems created by the prison industry
by topcriminaljusticedegrees.org


The Complicatist : Listening To Breaking Bad

The use of music in Vince Gilligan’s great series
by Gordon Campbell

From The Hood : Pure Petroleume

As if royals are in charge of anything these days.
by Lyndon Hood

* * * * * WEREWOLF ISSUE 42, September 2013 * * * * *

The September 2013 Edition of Werewolf
by Werewolf


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