December 11, 2013

Questions for Oral Answer – December 11

Press Release – Office of the Clerk 1. Hon PETER DUNNE to the Minister of Finance: With regard to the Commerce Commission, what was he implying when he told NewstalkZB that the Government does not want another episode where theres such a significant impact from a decision based on our regulation?

TPP Deadline Passes Without Deal, More Talks in 2014

Press Release – Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch Obama Administration Bullies Other Nations into Accepting Terms Demanded By Big Pharma, Rolls Back Bush-Era Access to Medicine Reforms; Congressionally-Demanded Labor and Environmental Standards Not Agreed, Currency Manipulation Rules Not Discussed

Divisions over US demands prevent final deal at TPP

Press Release – AFTINET Another missed deadline in the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks shows that there are still divisions over US demands on investor rights to sue governments, higher prices for medicines and draconian copyright laws, all of which would increase …