Author: Jane Kelsey

Capitulation in TPPA-11 raises fears of more to come – Jane Kelsey

‘The so-called Joint Declaration on Inclusive and Progressive Trade, released by New Zealand, Canada and Chile alongside the signing of the resurrected Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA-11), comes across as a desperate attempt to put a gloss on a profoundly unprogressive deal’, says University of Auckland law professor Jane Kelsey. ‘They promise to make the TPPA-11 work for women, indigenous peoples, small and medium enterprises, workers, the environment. Yet those constituencies have repeatedly made it clear that the deal itself is anathema to their interests – most recently in a statement from fifty women’s organisations across ten of the eleven...

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Te Tiriti O Waitangi, Tino Rangatiratanga And The TPPA – Jane Kelsey

The state of play with TPPA The original Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement was signed by the 12 negotiating parties in Auckland on 4 February 2016, in the face of a massive protest led by tangata whenua. Japan and NZ completed their domestic processes to ratify (adopt) the original agreement during 2016. In January 2017 US President Trump withdrew the US’s participation from the TPPA. The 11 remaining countries met 7 times in 2017 to rescue the TPPA minus the US. Each country tabled a list of provisions in the TPPA that it wanted removed or suspended. Apparently, NZ under the...

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