It’s Not Right (Maori)


Are you hoha that …

•           offshore mining happens without the consent of hapu and iwi?

•           our kids keep getting sick and whanau can’t afford medicines?

•           you don’t know what’s in the kai you feed your tamariki?

•           the Rena disaster could devastate the coastline?

•           so many of our people are dying and injured in the mines and forests?

•           there are more and more job losses every day?

•           our people are sick and dying from smoking?

•           state assets get sold before we’ve settled our ownership rights to them?

•           the rich get richer and the poor get poorer?

•           foreign companies have more say about Aotearoa than you do?

•           that the government pays lip service to the Treaty?


Wait until the TPPA kicks in and the big companies really start calling the shots….

Imagine if the world’s biggest corporations can decide the rules they want to apply to them in Aotearoa …

And imagine if they have guarantees that our government won’t pass laws or make decisions that seriously reduce their profits …

Then imagine those corporations can enforce these rules against the government in secret offshore courts whose judges are corporate lawyers …

And the foreign investors can demand hundreds of millions of dollars to compensate for any losses they say new policies, laws or Treaty settlements cause them …

A foreign corporation taking the NZ government to an offshore court?

Highly possible – although just a threat to sue could be enough for the government to give them what they want or to back off solving a problem.

This isn’t the plot from a Hollywood Movie.

That’s what the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement could give to foreign companies from the US, Japan, Australia, Singapore, Canada, Chile and five more countries …

Where does this leave Maori?

The Crown won’t make the right of hapu and iwi under te Tiriti o Waitangi enforceable. But they will do that for foreign countries and their corporations. Things are bad enough now. But what happens to our hapu and iwi rights when big corporations are given more power to run the show?

Don’t believe us. Demand to see the text!

Did you know that the TPPA is being negotiated in secret and the government won’t let people see it until it’s signed? That’s way too late to change anything.

You can do something!

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