Author: Edward Miller

Workers call on Governments to Defend the Public Interest and Reject RCEP

We are trade union and civil society representatives from seven Asian countries who came together to discuss the impacts on labour rights and quality public services of the proposed Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) between 16 Asian nations. RCEP proposes to open markets and deregulate substantial sectors of the economies involved, including trade in goods and services, foreign investment, electronic commerce as well as strengthen intellectual property rights. After two days of deliberations, we concluded that several proposals on the table have the potential to negatively impact decent work, labour rights, access to essential services such as water, electricity...

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Evergreening clause dropped after stiff opposition from India

The Daily Excelsior reports that provisions relating to the evergreening of patents have been dropped from RCEP negotiations after stiff opposition from India. ‘Evergreening’ involves making extremely minor changes to a patented product as a product expires, triggering a new period of patent protection: “It may be noted that some RCEP countries had tried to introduce a clause in favour of evergreening of patents, which was dropped after stiff opposition from India,” Commerce and Industry Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said in a written reply to the Lok...

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New animated short on El Salvador v Oceanagold ISDS claim

A new animated short film telling the story of the El Salvador v Oceanagold ISDS claim has just premiered at the New Zealand International Film Festival. The film, called ‘Water for Gold‘, was directed by Rose Archer and produced by Sandani Wijetunge, who together have been working on the upcoming Beautiful Democracy film, which covers the NZ TPPA resistance...

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