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It’s Time For the Greens To Play Hardball on TPPA

A guest post by left-wing activist and Green Party member Elliot Crossan. 4 February 2016 was the day I learnt what the power of ordinary people felt like.  I marched with 30,000 others in the streets of Auckland against the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, and I could feel the raw anger of a mass movement, whose years of resistance towards the National government and towards the signing away of Aotearoa’s democracy was coming to a furious head.  The mood was different to the two previous demonstrations I had attended—this time the atmosphere was alive with a pure,...

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What are the economic benefits for NZ of the CPTPP?

The basic premise of opposition to the TPPA and its descendant agreements is that the risks outweighed the benefits. With the CPTPP Agreement apparently now concluded but no available text, we’re left in a familiar limbo. Will the benefits of this new agreement be enough to offset the risks? One of the main reasons TPPA proponents struggled to demonstrate the agreement’s was because most of the countries involved in the negotiation already had some form of preferential trade access with one another. For NZ the only TPPA countries which we didn’t have FTAs with were Mexico, Canada, Japan, Peru...

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Asia Pacific civil society rejects investor rights to sue governments in RCEP negotiations

MEDIA RELEASE It’s Our Future Asia Pacific civil society rejects investor rights to sue governments in RCEP negotiations As Trade Ministers, including New Zealand’s Todd McClay, meet in Laos today (5th August), an unprecedented alliance of 95 civil society groups are calling for the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) to exclude extreme forms of investor rights. Civil society groups from New Zealand, Australia, ASEAN countries, India, Japan and South Korea today issued a call to Trade Ministers meeting in Laos to reject proposals for Investor State Dispute Settlement (ISDS) provisions in the RCEP treaty being negotiated by 16 countries....

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