Edward Miller

Edward is a political activist and trade unionist. Qualified in law and currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Edward was deeply involved in the NZ campaign to stop the TPPA from 2012 to 2015. He is now trying to use his position in the Asia-Pacific to promote activism around issues like TPPA and RCEP amongst workers and unions in the region.

Free Press

Press Release – ACT New Zealand Does Government Waste Taxpayers Money? In the lead-up to the Budget, David Seymour asked Bill English why his government gives taxpayer money to fund Jane Kelseys research, programs such as X-Factor season two, and the Ultimate Waterman Stand Up …

Questions & Answers – May 25

Press Release – Office of the Clerk Rt Hon WINSTON PETERS (LeaderNZ First): This question is to the Prime Minister and asks: does he stand by all his statementssorry: does he still stand by[ Interruption ] Well, it is obviousstill being the operative word.