Binoy Kampmark

The Failed Cruz-Kasich Pact: Trump and GOP Desperation

Article – Binoy Kampmark Having Trump as a candidate for the GOP presidential run may look bad. Having a pact against him within the Republican movement designed to quash his chances to get the nomination looks even worse. It reeks of backroom deals, frustrated officials and …

Bringing SOPA to the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Column – Binoy Kampmark The machinery to dominate global intellectual property by American fiat was further tightened by the announcement of Robert Holleymans as deputy US trade representative. President Obamas announcement is just another reminder what sources of inspiration …

Killing Peace: Drones and Hakimullah Mehsud

Column – Binoy Kampmark In time, an insidious practice assumes the property of custom. It might seem barbaric and archaic, but as the great Sophist Protagoras claimed, man is the measure of all things. A ghastly measure, at that.