Defence Industry

Economic Wellbeing for Northland, not the Arms Industry

Press Release – Coalition for Peace Northland doesnt need local companies tendering for contracts overseas in the arms industry and similar dodgy industries, said Whangareis Coalition for Peace spokesperson Tim Howard. This is not the sort of economic development people want …

Daily Press Briefing: April 9, 2014

Press Release – US State Department The Secretary spoke this morning with Foreign Minister Lavrov. He also spoke with Prime Minister Yatsenyuk separately. When he spoke with Foreign Minister Lavrov, he reiterated our concerns his concerns about escalating tensions in the east.

Killing Peace: Drones and Hakimullah Mehsud

Column – Binoy Kampmark In time, an insidious practice assumes the property of custom. It might seem barbaric and archaic, but as the great Sophist Protagoras claimed, man is the measure of all things. A ghastly measure, at that.