Trans Pacific Partnership

Committee Urged To Scrap TPPA

Press Release – Democrats for Social Credit The Government should scrap the TPPA legislation and withdraw from the agreement, Democrats for Social Credit Deputy Leader and Finance Spokesperson, Chris Leitch told the select committee hearing submissions on the TPPA Amendment bill.

Trade deal will increase health inequities

Press Release – Doctors for Healthy Trade The TPPA is riddled with provisions that will widen already unacceptable health disparities says Dr Erik Monasterio, a spokesperson for Doctors for Healthy Trade. An analysis of the impact of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement on health equity …

Fair Trade Network election scorecard

Press Release – AFTINET The Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network of 60 community organisations has analysed policy documents, public statements and past records to compare the trade policies of the major parties on key issues, summarised below.

Take the Con out of Consultation

Press Release – It’s Our Future The government is pretending to consult members of the public in this afternoons negotiations on the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP). Its Our Future is calling on the government to stop the spin and start a real …