US State Department

Daily Press Briefing: April 9, 2014

Press Release – US State Department The Secretary spoke this morning with Foreign Minister Lavrov. He also spoke with Prime Minister Yatsenyuk separately. When he spoke with Foreign Minister Lavrov, he reiterated our concerns his concerns about escalating tensions in the east.

U.S.-Japan and U.S.-Korea Relationships

Speech – US State Department Daniel Russel,Assistant Secretary at the Bureau of East Asian and Pacific Affairs discusses some of the opportunities and challenges facing the U.S in its relationships with Japan and the Republic of Korea Alliances.

US-China Relations: Strategic and Economic Dialogue

Press Release – US State Department MODERATOR: Hey, everybody and good afternoon, and thanks for joining us. A couple of administrative things here at the top. First of all, introduce our speakers: We have four senior Administration officials with us here for this background call today. …

U.S.-India Strategic Partnership

Press Release – US State Department Assistant Secretary Blake: Rick, first of all I want to thank you and all your colleagues here at CSIS for hosting me. For those of you who dont know, weve had a really wonderful partnership with Rick, the Wadhwani Chair, and all of his colleagues here …