TPPA Action Week Media Coverage

31 July, Manawatu Standard

TPPA protest planned in Palmerston North

  1. August issue, Otaki Mail

TPPA Protest Attracts Big Support

  1. 5 August, Manawatu Standard

Palmerston rallies against TPPA

  1. 6 August, Wanganui Chronicle

March starts anti-TPPA protest rally

  1. 7 August, Northern Advocate

Anti-TPP protests planned

  1. 8 August, Nelson Mail

TPP creates ‘private system of justice’ for investors

  1. 9 August, Manawatu Standard

Palmerston North rallies against Trans-Pacific Partnership

  1. 10 August, Wanganui Chronicle

Protesters battle hail and TPPA talks

  1. 12 August, Maori Television

TPPA Walk Away rally to be held outside Parliament

  1. 12 August, Radio New Zealand

TPP protesters descend on Parliament

  1. 12 August, 3 News

Anti-TPPA protesters descend on Parliament

  1. 12 August, Newstalk ZB

Anti-TPPA demonstrations descends on Parliament

  1. 12 August, Gisborne Herald


  1. 12 August, Timaru Herald

Timaru TPP Campaigners hope for rally turnout

  1. 12 August, NZ Herald

Anti-TPP protest at Parliament

  1. 12 August, Xinhua Global Post

Protesters hold day of action against Kiwi involvement in TPP trade deal

  1. 13 August, Waikato Times

Hundreds signed on for TPPA protest march in Hamilton

  1. 14 August, Wairarapa Times-Age

Featherston march to protest TPPA

  1. 14 August, Radio New Zealand

Bilingual h?koi in ?taki to rally against TPP

  1. 14 August, Stuff

TPP protest could turn ‘confrontational’ US citizens told

  1. 14 August, Radio New Zealand

US warns citizens not to attend Akl TPP rally

  1. 14 August, Newstalk ZB

Americans urged to avoid protest march

  1. 14 August, Xinhua Global Post.

U.S. warns nationals away from New Zealand anti-TPP demonstration

  1. 15 August, Newstalk ZB
    Thousands expected at TPP protest


  1. 15 August, Otago Daily Times

Panellists warn TPP a big threat to democracy

  1. 15 August, Russia Today

‘No to Corporate greed’: Thousands of Anti-TPP protesters rally in New Zealand

  1. 15 August, 3News

TPPA protests planned around the country

  1. 15 August, SunLive

TPPA protests planned for the Bay

  1. 15 August, Wanganui Chronicle

Nicola Young, We must fight this secret treaty

  1. 15 August, TVNZ

US citizens warned to steer clear as nationwide TPPA protests kick off

  1. 15 August, Otago Daily Times

Thousands turn up to rally against TPP

  1. 15 August, Radio NZ

Thousands turn out to protest TPP

  1. 15 August, Radio NZ

LIVE: TPP demonstrations across NZ

  1. 15 August, Bay of Plenty Times

Strong Tauranga crowd rally in TPP protest

  1. 15 August,

Thousands march against TPP trade agreement

  1. 15 August, NZ Herald

Thousands rally against TPP across New Zealand

  1. 15 August, TVNZ

TPP protesters push through barriers at Parliament

  1. 15 August, 3News

Thousands march against TPPA deal

  1. 15 August, Shanghai Daily

Thousands rally against New Zealand’s involvement in TPP trade deal

  1. 15 August, Maori Television

Thousands take part in downtown Auckland TPPA Walkaway rally

  1. 15 August, Stuff

This way or that way to the TPPA?

  1. 16 August, Sunday Star Times

The day they said “no way” to the TPPA

  1. 16 August, Radio NZ

TPP: ‘How do these people think NZ can earn a living?’

  1. 16 August, Radio NZ

TPP protests ‘send a clear message’

  1. 16 August, 3News

TPPA could come at cost for Govt on poll day

  1. 16 August, Waikato Times

Colourful crowds in Hamilton march against TPP

  1. 16 August, Nelson Mail

TPP protest stalls traffic in Nelson

  1. 16 August, The Timaru Herald

Timaru joins nationwide TPPA protest

  1. 16 August, The Southland Times

Invercargill Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement rally attracts 150 people

  1. 16 August, The Press

Shopping centre management praise respectful TPPA protestors

  1. 16 August, Al Jazeera +
    New Zealanders March Against Secret TPP Trade Deal


  1. 17 August, Wairarapa Times-Age

Wairarapa march against TPPA

  1. 17 August, Taranaki Daily News

Hundreds march against TPPA

  1. 17 August, Newstalk ZB
    TPP protests ‘ludicrous’, Groser claims


  1. 17 August, NZCity

TPP ‘tantalisingly close’ said Key

  1. 17 August, Stuff

TPP protesters were ‘misinformed’, says John Key

  1. 17 August, TVNZ

John Key: ‘TPPA protesters want me to put a fence around NZ’

  1. 17 August, Stuff

Health Minister’s trade deal dismissal upsets senior medicos

  1. 17 August, Otago Daily Times

Trade deal protesters make their point

  1. 17 August, The Northern Advocate

TPP opposition pours on to streets

  1. 18 August, NZ Herald (Element)

TPP protest draws thousands

  1. 18 August, The Press

Time to walk away from TPPA

  1. 18 August, Wairarapa Times Age

Strength in anti-TPP protest

  1. 18 August, The Northland Age

Critics aplenty brave the rain