Watch what happens when a European MP tries to find out what’s in the TTIP

Watch what happens when a European MP
tries to find out what’s in the TTIP

By Peter Drew – Independent Journalist

The content of both the TPPA and the TTIP, the European equivalent of the TPPA, have been shrouded in incredible secrecy. Not only have the New Zealand public been battling to get to see what is in the TPPA, but so have the MPs. This is an astonishing and worrying situation. Meanwhile, the cloak and dagger situation appears to be as bad or worse in Europe with the TTIP.

As shown in this footage taken by a MEP (Member of European Parliament) inside the European Parliament in Brussels, there is a quite astonishing level of secrecy and protection over the content of the TTIP. What we are talking about here with this MEP in Brussels is the viewing of some of the text of a so called trade agreement proposal, not top secret footage by the military of first contact with aliens. When a MEP has to be taken through such draconian procedures as this just to be able to lay eyes on some of the TTIP text, there have to be some very serious questions raised about what is going on and why, with both the TTIP and the TPPA.

The TPPA and the TTIP are written by the same corporations with presumably very similar principles. When we see footage like this, it must surely ring some major alarm bells and raise some very serious questions about the TPPA as well. What is it about these documents that is so horrifying and dangerous that extreme cloak and dagger measures such as this have to be implemented? This is not democracy in any way, shape, or form. This is something that looks and feels very wrong. It should be of great concern to everyone in New Zealand as Parliament tries to decide what to do with the TPPA.

By Peter Drew
Independent Journalist

E-mail: Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan ‏visits the TTIP reading room