August 3, 2015

TPPA progress harder from now on

Article – Public Good With the failure of the Hawaii TPPA round to make a deal, the next round of TPPA negotiations is going to be more difficult , as well as more risky for the government. Internationally the Canadian government has been dissolved pending an election in …

Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement

Press Release – Grey Power New Zealand It is long past time the New Zealand Government took the people into its confidence and explained their position on the TPPA. There is a lot of information floating about through leaks on Wikileaks etc but our elected representative along with their …

Chance For Government To Garner Support For TPPA

Press Release – Democrats for Social Credit The Prime Minister and the Trade Negotiations Minister have been handed a golden opportunity to shore up flagging support for the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, says Democrats for Social Credit Deputy Leader, Chris Leitch.