October 11, 2015

Labour not ruling out TPP support

Press Release – TVNZ Labour leader Andrew Little told TV Ones Q+A programme that none of the bottom lines marked out by Labour have been met in the TPP including the right for future Government’s to ban the sale of land to foreign buyers.

Farce of TPPA secrecy must end

Press Release – Professor Jane Kelsey The secrecy of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement has become farcical, says University of Auckland Professor Jane Kelsey. Trade Minister Tim Groser says we just have to trust what hes telling us. In todays interview with TVNZs …

TPP leak shows devil in the detail

Press Release – AFTINET The final version of the intellectual property chapter the TPP was leaked today on WikiLeaks with several technical analyses said Dr Patricia Ranald, Coordinator of the Australian Fair Trade and Investment Network. The deal was announced on …