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TPPA-11 National Interest Analysis is recycled spin, Labour squanders opportunity for real change – Jane Kelsey

‘The revised National Interest Analysis (NIA) for the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement minus the US (TPPA-11), released today, layers new spin onto old’, says University of Auckland law professor Jane Kelsey. ‘It is disappointing to see Labour and New Zealand First squander the chance to clean up a treaty making process which they have previously criticised.

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Public Meeting

Video of TPPA-11 – Auckland Let’s Not Do This? Public Meeting

Video of TPPA-11 – Auckland Let’s Not Do This? Public Meeting 12 Feb 2018   As the government prepares to sign us up to the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement, the country has been lulled into a false sense of security that came with our change in government and a rebranding of a not so comprehensive

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New Zealand

TPPA-11 Don’t Do It! Petition

Despite saying they’d refuse to support ratification of the TPPA and demanding independent economic and health analyses, and promising a new inclusive approach to trade and investment agreements, the new ‘progressive’ TPPA-11 is the same as before, with a small number of provisions suspended for now. And yet the Government says it intends to sign

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It’s Time For the Greens To Play Hardball on TPPA

A guest post by left-wing activist and Green Party member Elliot Crossan. 4 February 2016 was the day I learnt what the power of ordinary people felt like.  I marched with 30,000 others in the streets of Auckland against the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement, and I could feel the raw anger of a

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Nationwide Public Meetings on the TPPA-11

Nationwide Public Meetings on the TPPA-11   Auckland 12 Feb – Wellington 14 Feb – Nelson 20 Feb – Christchurch 21 Feb – Dunedin 22 Feb  The TPPA-11 has had a rebranding to the CPTPPA (Comprehensive and Progressive Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement) – yet there is very little that is comprehensive or progressive about it, and very little has

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