Health Policy

Pharmac funding still short

Press Release – Green Party The Green Party welcomes the announcement that Pharmac will get an extra $39 million in funding, but is calling for the Government to immediately release Pharmacs advice on how much money it actually needs.

Fraught TPP process has lessons for the future

Press Release – Public Health Association The Public Health Association (PHA) has told the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Select Committee that the lack of information, deliberate secrecy and poor recognition of the importance of health have made the TPP process fraught with problems, and …

Plain packaging: why are we waiting?

Press Release – Smokefree Coalition The Smokefree Coalition, along with groups like the Cancer Society, has been advocating for plain packaging since the measure was adopted in Australia back in 2011. Similar legislation was introduced here in 2014 but has been back-burnered due to Government …