Gordon Campbell On Turkey And Russia

Column – Gordon Campbell So why did Turkey shoot down that Russian plane? According to the Russian president Dmitri Medvedev, it was all about Turkey (a) being hand in glove with Islamic State in general, and (b) wanting to protect the lucrative joint Turkish/Islamic State …

Statement from Mike Moore

Press Release – Mike Moore – NZ Ambassador to the US Yvonne and I are giving notice to MFAT that we will be leaving the Post just before Christmas on the 16th December.

Groser avoids principled reconsideration of TPPA OIA

Press Release – Professor Jane Kelsey A month ago the High Court ordered Trade Minister Tim Groser to reconsider an Official Information Act request from Professor Jane Kelsey, dated January 2015, relating to the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA).

TPP: It’s Not Over! 14 November – Nationwide Day of Action!

Press Release – It’s Our Future The political tradeoffs have been done and the text has now been sent to Tokyo to undergo the legal scrubbing process. As we expected there are very few trade benefits, while the deal gives corporates and foreign investors a lot of power to …


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