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Report on RCEP negotiations

Auckland RCEP Consultations 14-17 June The thirteenth round of consultations were held in Auckland from the 12-18 June. Parallel meetings were held by the Working Groups on Trade in Goods and Trade in Services including their respective Sub-Working Groups, as well as the Working Groups on Investment, Economic and Technical Cooperation, Intellectual Property, Competition, e-Commerce, and Legal and Institutional Issues. Expert consultations on Trade Remedies and Government Procurement continued. On Tuesday 14 June a ‘stakeholder’ event was held which enabled public registration and attendance. The details were organised very late, which made it difficult for people to assess whether...

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Health Select Committee refuses to hear dissenting voices on the TPPA

The Labour Party’s health spokesperson Maryan Street revealed that National Party members on the Health Select Committee have twice refused to allow experts to brief the committee on possible effects of the TPP on New Zealand’s ability to determine its own health policies. This follows the earlier rejection of a petition led by the NZCTU for a hearing at the Foreign Affairs and Trade Committee. This is a brazen of double standards : last month Joseph Damond, senior vice-president of the Washington-based Biotechnology Industry Organisation, was granted an audience with Trade Minister Tim Groser and New Zealand’s TPP...

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Big pharmaceutical companies on the offensive over PHARMAC

Joseph Damond, a senior vice-president of the Washington-based Biotechnology Industry Organisation, was in Wellington last month to convince Trade Minister Groser and the New Zealand negotiators to throw PHARMAC to the wind in the TPPA. Damond struggled to convince us that PHARMAC — which ensures New Zealand pays a lot less for medicines — is somehow bad for us. What he means is that PHARMAC’s bad for the profits of giant pharmaceutical companies. The IP team from the US Trade Representative’s office will be pushing the same line in NZ next week. Health and IT groups have asked to meet with them, as the Malaysian’s HIV-AIDS groups did...

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In only a few days over 700,000 say ‘no’ to TPP in avaaz petition; actor arrested presenting petition at negotiations

Actress Q’orianka Kilcher was arrested at the Leesburg venue of the last TPP round while delivering the Avaaz petition,at that pointed signed by over 350,000 people, now by twice as many. In a statement before her arrest Q’orianka said: “The Trans Pacific Partnership would be devastating for people around the world and it is being negotiated in complete secrecy to hide the content, because these agreements would never see the light of day if US citizens and congress were allowed to see what is being proposed in our...

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Having fun with the TPPA: National Cartoon Competition Launched

A Trans-Pacific Partnership Cartoon Competition has been launched to encourage the country’s satirists and graphic artists to engage creatively with its many issues. The co-sponsors are Scoop Independent News (publishers of, the Society of Authors, the Bruce Jesson Foundation and BizDojo, who will also host an exhibition of the cartoons in Auckland during the negotiation. The competition offers three $500 prizes: Best Cartoon judged by Finlay Macdonald, a people’s choice award voted online, and a student’s prize (0lus scholarship) from BizDojo. All entries will be exhibited online at, and BizDojo’s exhibition space in Karangahape Rd, Auckland from 1 to 7 December, with an online auction where artists agree. Information on entries is...

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